first edition: March 08 2023

RobEurope is an international Robotic competition. For a start we use the EV3 standard set of Lego Mindstorm to follow a task.

Every country runs its own competition with about 4 teams of each up to three members. This takes place at the same time with the same task for every country, but the other countries are projected at the walls arround the competition table in each country. This creates a real international competition mood, and it's real enviromental friendly on top!!

At the moment the following countries may participate:
Finnland, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, India, Netherlands

more information provided at info@robeurope.com


Step 1 member list (done)

Robert Lemstra, Roc Horizon,Netherlands, r.a.lemstra@horizoncollege.nl interested

Thomas Vogelsanger, IDM Thun, Switzerland, Thomas.Vogelsanger@idm.ch interested, 4 teams

Maria Jose Gonzales, Universidad del Atlántico Medio, Las Palmas, Cran Canaria / Spain, mariajosegonzales@ieselrincon.es

Alina Ivan, Armeria Eskola, Basque Country / Spain, intpro@armeriaeskola.eus interested

Larraitz Zubeldia Jauregi, Armeria Eskola, Basque Country / Spain, lzubeldia@tolosaldealh.eus

Olli Juhola, Careeria Porvoo, Finnland, olli.juhola@careeria.fi

Andreas Zanolari, Gewerbeschule St. Gallen, Switzerland, Andreas.Zanolari@gbssg.ch

Guido Sutter, Gewerbeschule St. Gallen, Switzerland, guido.sutter@gbssg.ch

Juerg Pfeiffer, Gewerbeschule St. Gallen, Switzerland,

Søren Berg Knudsen, AARHUS TECH, Denmark, sbkn@aarhustech.dk interested

Juha Hautanen, Jamk, Jyväskylä / Finnland, juha.hautanen@jamk.fi

Mikael Viitasaari, Jamk, Jyväskylä / Finnland, mikael.viitasaari@jamk.fi

Barbara Oyevaar, Roc Horizon, Netherlands, b.c.oyevaar-vanos@horizoncollege.nl

Sudharshan Basaralu, NTTF , Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, SudharshanBV@nttf.co.in interested

Murray Lambert, New Castle, England, murray.lambert@ncl-coll.ac.uk

Paul Smyth, New Castle, England, paul.smyth@ncl-coll.ac.uk

mariajosegonzales@ieselrincon.es , r.a.lemstra@horizoncollege.nl, Thomas.Vogelsanger@idm.ch , mariajosegonzales@ieselrincon.es , intpro@armeriaeskola.eus , lzubeldia@tolosaldealh.eus, , olli.juhola@careeria.fi ,

email list
Andreas.Zanolari@gbssg.ch, guido.sutter@gbssg.ch, sbkn@aarhustech.dk, juha.hautanen@jamk.fi, mikael.viitas, aari@jamk.fi, b.c.oyevaar-vanos@horizoncollege.nl, SudharshanBV@nttf.co.in,

These are the countries involved sofar:
Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Finnland, India, United Kingdom

Step 2 find teams

I need you now to find a teacher and teams in your own school willing to participate, so we can hold this green Olympiade beginning of march 2023. WHEN YOU ARE READY, PLEASE SEND ME THE CONFIRMATION AND I WILL POST THE NEW STAND TO ALL AGAIN IN SOME TIME.

Step 3 infrastructure

organize EV3 Lego mindstorm sets
organize the table details...
print the task task.pdf
translate the rules
organize the prices

Step 4 Date


Step 5 training suggestion

existing mobile app remote race
wall follower race with ultrasonic sensor
line follower race with color sensor
color reading and decision
PD regulation for wall follower
construction technics
navigation in labyrinth

Step 6 streaming